June 6, 1944 – D-Day

[English Channel/Gold Beach/Calshot]

Went on watch at 0300-0600, again at 0700-1000. Beached on coast of France at 1145. Many dead and wounded on beach. Saw tank battle. Sailed for England at 1400. On watch 1600-2000. Still rough. Arrived in Calshot at 2300.

Interview with Don Kemsley in 2004 about D-Day:

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9 Responses to June 6, 1944 – D-Day

  1. David Navarre says:

    I’ve been to Port-en-Bessin a few times. Visiting the market on a Sunday, wandering down to the water, now I can think of Don when I’m there next. This oral history is truly wonderful.

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  3. Betty says:

    That interview was so Dad.

  4. FMJohnson says:

    Love this. (Found it through your BPM work.) My dad piloted a landing craft at the North Africa invasion and then in the Pacific islands. He rarely spoke of his experiences. I have his letters to my mom but he couldn’t go into detail due to censorship. I wish I’d interviewed him like this. Beautiful.

    • The interviews were done by someone researching for a book, I believe; I found the disk of the recordings after his death in 2009, plus the journal that this blog is based on. He was never shy to talk about his experiences, I think that those were truly adventurous times for him.

  5. xinef82 says:

    Fascinating to listen to. Calshot is just down the road from where I lived in the UK as a child.

  6. Blase Casillas says:

    Thanks for sharing Sandy…amazing recounting from what is of course a very familiar voice. Wished we had interviewed my Grandad Alton and Great Uncle Royal. Alton was a ball turret gunner in a B-17 flying missions out of N. Africa and Italy. My great uncle was in an infantry division, invaded N. Africa, Italy and went all the way to Germany. Had many interesting conversations, but they are now only memories and some memorabilia. This is wonderful!!!

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