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July 31, 1944

[Southampton] Cleaned troop spaces all morning and painted in afternoon. QM 1800-2000. Help run liberty men back. Advertisements

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July 30, 1944

[Southampton] Helped clean upper deck and slept rest of morning. Went ashore to show in afternoon. Went to ice house at night. Very quiet. Back about 2400.

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July 29, 1944

[Southampton] Cleaned mess deck in morning. Duty 1200-1400. Did [???]. Slept rest of afternoon. Duty 2200-2400. Rowed liberty men back.

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July 28, 1944

[Utah Beach/Southampton] Duty 0200-0400. Pulled off beach 0120, weighed anchor at 0710. Duty 0900-1200. Duty 1800-2100. Lost convoy because only 1 [???] working. Arrived in Southampton 2300.

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July 27, 1944

[Utah Beach] On duty 2400-0300. On duty 0900-1200. Dropped kedge on Utah Beach at 1215. QM 1600-1800. Dried out, had walk ashore. One screw out of order.

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July 26, 1944

[Southampton] On duty 0600-0800. Cleaned mess deck. Slipped at 1000. Went to Royal Pier. Loaded troups at 1400. Anchored off Calshot until 2200. Carrying American darkies.

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July 25, 1944

[Southampton] Rowed ashore for stores. Painted no’s on stern until noon. Cleaned dishes until stand easy & packed up. Duty from 2000-2200. Wrote some letters. Duty ship until tomorrow noon.

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